The process

The process (Persistent short-term)

  • Same vein as a performance procedure
  • Emphasis on providing the data to demonstrate unacceptable levels of absence
  • Review at a meeting ­ look at reasons ­ feedback from employee
  • Agree improvement plan:
    • Any changes to role / help
    • Fixed period of review (with right to extend)
    • Indication of acceptable attendance levels
    • Improvement warning / final warning / dismissal

The process (Long-term)

  • Does the Fit Note talk about changes to duties etc?
  • Regular contact during absence (by telephone)
  • Right to involve OH and/or other medical experts
  • Action to be taken following meetings and dependant upon:
    • Prognosis in medical report
    • Business requirements
    • Phased return / “adjustments” / training
    • Alternative positions