Selection Pool

When there is a reduced requirement for employees, it is ordinarily a requirement on an employer to select employees from a selection pool.  The identity of that pool can be central to whom is eventually selected for redundancy, and is therefore of significance when assessing the fairness of a redundancy consultation procedure.

The basic position is that where there is a “reduced requirement for employees to carry out work of a particular kind”, the selection pool should constitute those employees carrying out that “kind” of work. The position becomes more complicated when issues of “bumping” arise (see later) and there is a material degree of inter-changeability between roles.  If Group A are placed in a pool but they have the skills to carry out the roles of Group B, there is a strong argument that Group B should be included in the selection pool.  The necessary considerations are very fact specific and will require detailed advice. An Employment Tribunal will want to see that an employer has addressed the question of the pool genuinely and with reasonable thought.