FSA / FCA Matters

The ever increasing dominance of the FSA / FCA and the industry’s fear of reprisals for any perceived regulatory breach has resulted in a substantial increase in FSA / FCA related disciplinaries and dismissals.

We have successfully pursued unfair/wrongful dismissal claims where FSA / FCA compliance issues were central to the dismissals. Our experience also includes:

  • Advising on FSA / FCA related disciplinaries and dismissals
  • Drafting initial Long Form A applications
  • Advising on Form C issues
  • Negotiating Form C wording with employers
  • Representations to the FSA / FCA on Form C and Form A approvals
  • Representation on internal disciplinary and compliance matters
  • Involvement in FSA / FCA investigations of potential compliance breaches
  • Liaised with other advisors on potential criminal investigations

Click below for the Kervin & Barnes:

FSA / FCA and Employment Issues Guide

FSA /FCA Remuneration Code Guide

If you have an FSA / FCA related query and would like to speak on a confidential basis to one of our solicitors, please call us on 0203 178 5361.