Libel case following “false” allegations of sexual harassment

27 February 2012

According to The Telegraph a married solicitor who was cleared of sexually harassing a female colleague is suing her for damages.  He claims that her false allegations have ruined his personal and professional reputation.

It is reported that Mr Loughran, 50, a litigation solicitor with Anglian Water, accused Ms Edge, 29, of maliciously making untrue statements intended to cause him considerable hurt, distress and embarrassment. He is alleging slander and libel. Mr Loughran is quoted as saying “I asked her to stop repeating the allegations and I even wrote to her asking for an apology, but none was forthcoming.” Mr Loughran is also seeking an injunction banning Mrs Edge from repeating her claim.

Mr Loughran alleges that Ms Edge made an allegation to the Anglian Water HR department of sexual harassment against Mr Loughran and a written statement was later drawn up.

An internal investigation began and both Mr Loughran and his wife were questioned about the allegations for around three hours. Mr Loughran claims he was found not to have sexually harassed Ms Edge in any way.

The article can be read here