Potential Tribunal System Reforms Published

1 February 2011

“Resolving workplace disputes”, a publication outlining potential reforms to the employment tribunal system has been released and received support from employer groups.

Key proposals include:

  • An increase in the minimum qualifying period for standard unfair dismissal claims from one year to two years;
  • introduction of a fee for commencing tribunal claims;
  • the parties to contribute towards the running costs of employment tribunals and the EAT;
  • the requirement that all claims are submitted to ACAS pre-issue;
  • for employers who’ve been found breaching employment rights, the introduction of automatic financial consequences (further to normal payable compensation);
  • the extension of the jurisdictions/areas where employment judges can sit alone;
  • taking away the (general) necessity for tripartite panels in the EAT; and
  • a review of the formula for calculation of employment tribunal awards/statutory redundancy payment limits.

Detailing reasoning for these proposals can be found in the consultation: “Resolving workplace disputes”.