Women in work & Ryanair cabin crew terms

29 May 2013

Here are some recent news stories which may be of interest to you:

Women in work

The Times recently reported that there are a record number of women in work in Britain. From January to March this year the number increased by 15,000 to reach a total of 13.8 million. (This is compared to 15.8 million men a number which declined by 58,000.) The Office for National Statistics outlined that the increase was due to the number of former stay-at-home mothers returning to the workplace as a result of the economic environment and the increase in the state retirement age for women.

Ryanair cabin crew terms

A former Ryanair cabin crew member contacted her local MP as a whistle-blower and, in turn, she has raised the issue in the House of Commons. Sophie Growcoot was employed by Crewlink (a Ryanair contractor) and her terms included that she: (i) pay £360 for her Ryanair uniform; (ii) take three months’ compulsory leave per year (in winter), during which time she would not be paid but could not take on another job; (iii) was only paid for time “in the air”; and (iv) was paid for 4 days per week but expected to be on call for a 5th day (which was only paid for if she was called in). This caught the attention of The Independent who reported the story here.

The following day there was a further Ryanair story in The Independent ­ this time regarding pilots who were told they would be fired for gross misconduct if they signed a letter from the (unrecognised by the company) Ryanair Pilot Group to the Irish Aviation Authority. This story can be found here.