Employment Tribunal Fees from summer 2013

17 July 2012

On Friday the Ministry of Justice published specifics on the Government’s plan to introduce fees in the Employment Tribunal system. The MoJ indicated that the fees would be brought in from summer 2013 onwards.

In its most recent statement, the MoJ outlined its aims as: passing the costs of the Tribunals Service back to the users and encouraging alternative dispute resolution such as arbitration and mediation. These aims differed from those previously declared ­ as set out in one of our earlier updates ­ including deterrence of weak claims.

At the lower level, there will be a £160 fee for issuing a claim; followed by a £230 hearing fee. At the higher level, the issue fee will be £250 and the hearing fee £950. The applicable ‘level’ will depend on the type of claim only the more straightforward claims such as those for unpaid wages will be at the lower level.

Other additional fees are proposed ­ including for filing a counter-claim (£160) and for dismissal of a claim following settlement (£60). Fees will also apply to appeals to the EAT (£400 appeal fee and £1,200 hearing fee).

The MoJ reaffirmed that fees will only be payable by those that can afford them (but not, or only partially, by those that cannot) and that reimbursement of fees paid will be able to be awarded to a successful party (claimant or respondent) in appropriate circumstances.

To read the MoJ press release on Employment Tribunal fees please click here.

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