Joint seminar with CIPD on Business Protection and the Hostile Employee

4 September 2014

On 2 September we held a joint seminar with CIPD on Business Protection and the Hostile Employee. The event was very well received and we received some great feedback:

“You really deliver employment law in such a practical way from the view point of the employee, the employer/HR as well as the legal view which I don’t think I’ve experienced in any other employment law session. Very informative, well rounded and just brilliant. It’s always a pleasure to come to your sessions.” – People Management Advice Specialist, Transport for London.

“Very informative and eloquently delivered. 10/10!” – Channel Support Assistant, XLN Business Services.

“Very interesting and informative about the contracts for protecting business interests” – Office Support, Comac Capital LLP.

The slides to the presentation can be found by clicking here.

On 21 January 2015 we are holding a further joint event on “Family Friendly Policies”. If you would like to attend please contact Hollie Whitworth for further details.